Senator Stephen L. Goldfinch

Attorney Senator Goldfinch is a founding partner at the firm of Goldfinch Winslow, LLC. His law practice areas include civil litigation, criminal litigation, real estate, estate planning, and business law.



Happy New Year! As many of you know, the legislative branch of our government creates the laws of this country and of this state. An interesting fact that most don’t know is that in South Carolina, the Legislature has an expansive role with a preeminent position in the South Carolina ... Read More


We must direct more of our current education spending into classrooms. We must improve the educational outcomes and job prospects for our children by reducing administrative bureaucracy in the school systems and ensuring that more of the money spent on education is actually spent in the classrooms on teaching. Right now less than ... Read More


More and more people are becoming dependent upon the government. It's a fact that requires serious debate and will certainly test the bounds of our collective moral and ethical obligations to the individual and our country. The purpose of this piece is to encourage necessary dialog among neighbors, friends and ... Read More